Marms (Geoff)

lanky pothead who sells pot and assorted drungs out of the back of his van while traveling california and cascadia.


Marmony was pulled off his drug van pothead lifestyle when a white lady shot a dynamite’d redneck over a dead baby alien. An explosion went off, some dreamwalking and teleportation occurred, and Marm understanding of the world changed.

Four people went through this experience with Marm:

Homeless guy – a drunk liar, Marm feels a familiarity with this man’s instability. He’s like a grown up orphan, and Marm has a particular empathy for that. Tricky, irresponsible, open minded but resistant.

ex-DEA chick – like a nervous and dangerous mother who’s child is threatened… but the child isn’t around so watch out. Marm feels untrustful here because she apparently abandoned her commune from some unexplained stress.

marketing guy – the most normal seeming of the crew, this man is reacting with stress but is willing to listen to those around him. Marm would feel like he broke a promise if he didn’t help this man regain some form of focus or sanity.

hitchhiker – um, he’s cool. pretty casual guy.

Marms (Geoff)

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