Машина Бог


When we last left off, you had just finished your whirlwind first day in which you were blown up in a Norther CA Diner, wandered in a dream of the world’s faire, made a deal to help a strange thing in a canister and joined a group of white-trash terrorists.

Last night you (except Jordan) allong with Janesly and Westfield, took a trip to the local impound lot where Walter drunkenly beat a rent-a-cop into submission (is he dead?), Geoff drove an explosives-laden car into a building and blew up a bunch of official records and everyone stole their cars back.

In the mean time Jordan wandered deep into the strange woods at the GLS base and had a vison quest with the Naked Goddess where who she thinks she is was thrown into question and she came back hollow and covered in mud. Geoff, worked with Janesly to move a tracking device onto the stolen Camery and push it off a cliff late in the night.

You’ve all just recently woken up on the next day and are waiting to find what the light of day brings to what has been a deeply troubling 24 hours.


Marm’s reactions Marm grew closer to the homeless guy (associates him with an orphan) and the business man (because he seems most like an innocent bystander). Jordan running away from her commune and then clamping up makes him feel like she’s flighty and she inspires emotions of abandonment in him.

The WT-T: This would be crazy, but it’s way less crazy than dead alien babies and teleporation… so it’s a bastion of normalcy for Marm right now. This is a big shift in his mind: He might not agree with everything WT-T but he doesn’t think it’s extreme or crazy.

Marm wants to know what the secrets are. Obviously weird shit exists, now he’s reexamining anything he can while choosing who to trust. The dream, the alien, participating in terrorism – all of this is a confirmation that secrets exist. But what are there explanations?


Add me to the Campaign. I made Seth as a Character of mine so hopefully that’s easy to add.

Seth’s Reaction Hitchhiking is great! I’ve met some really interesting and strange people on this trip. Marm and his awesome Mystery Mobile have been great. I’ve never been blown up before but now that I’ve talked to some of the bomber’s friends, he seems like he was a good guy and had good reasons for blowing us up so I guess that’s ok. The Canister is straight out of some X-files stuff, I mean it’s weird I can’t help but just stare at the thing….

Randy is an intense guy. He’s really passionate about the cause and when he says things, he just makes sense. Down with the Government!