Машина Бог

Chained Man, AIF, and mud

We’d all just recently woken up on the day after the DMV terrorism & Jordan going crazy. Jordan & Sal stole away from the compound under the cover of dawn. (ed: can someone make a separate entry here?)

Marms, Walter, and Seth stayed with the WTTs. Marms was beat down by the Purple Okinawan, and Walter got a compound tour from a new lady friend. Then M&W spoke to Randy, laying out their unnatural experience up to the point of the Chained Man. Randy retreated into undisruptable deep thought.

Afterwards, Walter walked into the woods and lost his mind in a mud pit… Marms followed a terrified Randy into the woods and collected the AIF from him. Randy claimed that the canister had something to do with God and that he only fucked with the government. M&W&S left, getting Walter a Mayan Mask in Napa and then meeting up with J&S in Sac.


Marm’s reactions: It felt right to leave the WTTs, they are another highway contact but he doesn’t like to settle down. J&S leaving felt like abandonment at first, but Marm is telling himself that they just didn’t want to settle. Seth and Walter have earned trust and loyalty from Marm.

Re:Walter’s Craziness: “Just another junkie, better help him regain control.”

Chained Man, AIF, and mud